Pann Pan Got Attention From Acting As Villain Character In Music Videos

<br />Pann Pan Got Attention From Acting As Villain Character In Music Videos<br />Burmese GirlHot Myanmar<br />Pann Pan Got Attention From Acting As Villain Character In Music Videos<br />

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Lisu native Pann Pan was first noticed from acting in “Wants Nothing” MTV of singer Po Po and her fans gave her nickname as Pann Pan means “Wearing Flower” because she looks like a Barbie Doll. She got more attention from audiences acting in “It is Love” MTV of singer Yadanar My. When she accepted the offer to act in that MTV, she did not ask what kind of character she would have to act. Director of MTV was Ko Win Lwin Htet and she got more places to show her acting skills in that MTV. She acted as she feels one sided love about her friend’s boyfriend.

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The audiences think that most of acting characters of Pann Pan are villain because she acted as lady-killer character in two famous MTVs. Her fans worry that she becomes used to a villain character. It is not she is selecting only that character to act. She might not accept the offer to act the villain character because she wants to act as various characters.

Some actresses got more attention from acting as villain character graphically. She is pleased getting more attention from audiences because of acting as villain character. Some people think being bad is more popular than being good so that villain character is more popular than usual. When producers realized that she is match with villain character, they continue offering to act similar character. She was asked that she would act only villain characters. That is why currently she does not accept the offers to act as villain character. She is used to stay quietly and it is make her difficult to step into entertainment industry. She also does not know how to please the people since before. She was seen rude on others because she usually stays apart. She has plan to act in movie but it is not sure yet. Pann Pan has boyfriend and her relationship is peacefully. Her boyfriend is same as her fantasy and he looks seriously. He is a gentleman and he is older than her.

Pann Pan has experience facing with rivals and if even they rude on her, she just abides. So that she did not has any major problem at all. She thanks to her fans loves her and called her as “Barbie Doll” if even she is not beautiful as a Barbie Doll. She is working artist job because her fans are supporting her.

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