Eint Chit Reveals About Her Family Problems

<br />Eint Chit Reveals About Her Family Problems<br />Burmese GirlAmazing Girl<br />Eint Chit Reveals About Her Family Problems<br />

As Eint Chit always says, when it comes to her Art, everything is perfectly fine and in place. She has already released series of her solo music. She has taken the stage with her determination and hard work. And today, while answering a few questions for the interview, she once again declares that all is well in her Art.

Now something to consider is: is it thanks to her father that she has managed to establish and hold on to a place in this industry? And what about the rumors that she is having disputes with U Chit? She answers that it is true that she is experiencing some family problems, which are causing disagreements. But regarding her artistic work, everything continues to be fine. She also once used to receive her father’s advice and pointers in her career.

When pressed on about her feelings regarding her parents, she relates that whether a family can stay together of not is up to life’s Karma. It is because of this Karma also that they are having family problems. But in her heart, her parents will forever be parents. But she vows that one day when she is married and has children of her own, she will to the best of her ability try to make sure that her own experience and feelings will not be repeated by them.

Just a few days ago, Eint Chit had poured out her feelings on her Facebook page with a photograph of her father and his new family. This seemed like a strange thing for her to do, because usually being very private, she had in the past refused to even discuss her family or her emotions in interviews. So, today, she is contacted specifically to be asked about this matter.

She reveals that it has been ten years since her parents separated. However, apart from her close friends in the industry and some certain media outlets, her audience does not know about this. Whenever they ask her how her father is doing and if he was well, she has always given short answers that he is fine and so on.

A few days ago, she came upon a photo of her father with his new family while browsing through her News Feed on Facebook. And she didn’t want the audience to come to a misunderstanding that the woman in the picture was her mother. And below the picture were the comments asking if this was her mother or if that was her sister. This made her feel a bit small. And she could not accept this. No matter what her father has done, she would never say anything and fully forgives him for everything. However, she has an older brother, as well as a younger brother, and not to mention her mother that she is thinking of. They also have their reputation to uphold, and she doesn’t want them to face any embarrassment. For instance, such a picture may subject them to questioning from the society.

For herself, as she is in the entertainment industry, she has the stamina to withstand any ridicule. But those members of her family, living in the world outside of the industry, could not take such gossip about them. This was why the photo in discussion, when it came up on Facebook, traumatized them greatly. It sorely embarrassed them as well. Watching her mother cry saddened Eint Chit too. That was why she decided that she needed to write the now-famous post on her Facebook.

About her feelings on marriage, she thinks nobody ever wants a marriage to break up. Nor does she blame anyone for having a broken marriage. Even when her turn comes, she says it cannot be said for certain whether she will be able to sustain a marriage or not. But no matter if a couple has broken up, her desire is that parents should always show some kind of care for their children. This, she speaks from her own experience. She knows that her father loves her and her siblings very much. However, in the practical sense, he has been unable to demonstrate that love to them. That seems to be why she and her siblings got the misunderstanding that their father didn’t love them. She believes this kind of thinking also brings sins on herself and her brothers. This is why she does not want any family to go through what is happening to her family.

The phrase that she always loves to use is that if a person does not return all your innocent and pure truths that you have offered them; let them go on in their own separate way.


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