A Member Of Me N Ma Girls Music Band Ah Moon Wants To Be An International Artist

<br />A Member Of Me N Ma Girls Music Band Ah Moon Wants To Be An International Artist<br />Amazing GirlHot Model<br />A Member Of Me N Ma Girls Music Band Ah Moon Wants To Be An International Artist<br />

Ah Moon stepped into music industry as a member of Tiger Girls band later the band is well known as Me N Ma Girls and that band is continuing perpetually in music industry.

To be an International Artist is her childhood dream and she was trying to implement her dream now. Music is her number one priority and her favorite. She spent four to five years of her time for music. When she heard about acting training then she realized that it is time to do her interest. Although she is interested in acting, she never learnt it before and did not have intention. She mainly wants to be international artist and singer. Meanwhile international artists are able to act assuredly so that she admires them after watching Hollywood movies. She hoped she would be able to implement her dream someday.

She was decided to learn acting at Home Artist Training Center because she feels that she could learn realistic acting skill from professional trainers at there. Currently she is working with foreign music production companies together. Ka Chin native Ah Moon is always hoping to work depend on skills and chances. She would not step into movie industry completely because singing, writing songs and dancing is still her main activities.

Local audiences see in different when the artist is doing multitasking such as singer is comedian, actor is writing or singing, singer is acting. Her affirmation is different from others. Some people are good at one skill but not others; some are good at two or three skills. She thinks it would be better to choose the best one or two skills and concentrate on it. And everyone has different condition and was given different abilities from God, so that she has nothing to criticize.

Whether actor is working as singer or singer is working as actor, they should know more than others that they really could do it or not. Self-awareness is most important and if they know themselves, they do not need to care criticizing of other people. It is loss if you do not show your skills and never try because of being afraid of criticizing.


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