Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi Does Not Love Nor Hate Any Particular Person

<br />Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi Does Not Love Nor Hate Any Particular Person<br />Pretty ModelPretty Model<br />Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi Does Not Love Nor Hate Any Particular Person<br />Pretty Model

Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi Commercial Photo For Jewelry 

One can probably observe that a lot of Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi’s films have happy endings. So she is asked what kind of movie endings she likes if she is the viewing audience. The answer is that unless absolutely necessary, she doesn’t want movies to have a tragic ending. Movies that close with couples breaking up instead of living happily ever after leave a strange pang in her heart. But she also has filmed some movies with those kinds of endings. She relates that her varied audiences have various tastes in movies, such as what a certain group likes, another group may not like. For herself, she prefers to make movies that focus on character development instead of light-headed fancy roles.

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During the time that she was filming in Pyin Oo Lwin, a lot of spectators showed up to watch the shooting. To make her fans happy, she posed for photos with them on the set. Another memorable moment for her there was when an old lady asked to feel her skin.

Whenever she films on location, her fans would tell her openly about what they like and what they dislike, so she has even come to depend on the audience by asking them to let her know what they like to watch and what kind of styles she should portray.

Is there anything new on the topic of love in her life? Her response is that as everyone could see, she is busy day and night with shootings. So she couldn’t devote any time for love. Furthermore, she doesn’t believe any lover would understand her hectic work schedule. For her, apart from her sleeping time, all her time is spent at work, so she worries that if she had a boyfriend, she would not be able to dedicate her attention to him. She also remarks that as long as she is doing this kind of work, she may never have time for love. When teased by the interviewer that due to her inability to give time for other matters, she may end up being a spinster for life, she laughingly replies she still has her fans and that this could be a sacrifice for her fans.

There are a lot of people who are desperate to read Wutt Hmohne Shwe Yi’s autobiography, but couldn’t because the copies are almost all sold out. Are there any plans to release a second edition of the book? She is currently discussing this with her producer. The producer is willing to publish a second edition. The publisher has also extended an offer for a second edition as the first edition is mostly sold out.

Wutt Hmhone Shwe Yi had distributed hand-made Pillow Kits as souvenirs for her fans and now she also will produce scarves for them in October. On the scarves, there will be designs and drawings of the things that she likes and she even has managed to put her essence into the scarves.

She says after the success of the pillow kits, her plans for the scarves are to set a Pre Launch in a MEP designer show for two days where fans can buy the items. For now, she hasn’t started selling them online yet, or anywhere else really. She will notify everyone in October about this. For herself, she is doing it because she wants to have a collection of her own. She confesses that she hasn’t made anything that big or grand. Her main intention is to produce souvenirs for the people who love and support her, and to make these souvenirs special for these fans. She also observes that in other countries, celebrities also have launched their own products like perfumes and so on.

She also elaborates on how she plans to put her essence into the scarves. For example, some scarves will feature pictures of her dog, Gucci. Some will showcase her everyday items such as her mirrors, cameras, lipsticks, and handbags. Also, since she is a rose lover, there will definitely be some rose designs too. She is from Mogok district, so she plans to put up designs with jewels and treasures that are from Mogok. These are all essences of her life, things that have a connection to her. She also stresses that whatever she makes, her first thought goes to the audience and tries her best to meet their expectations.

She went to Pagan to film “Made in Heart”. It was a great opportunity for her as she hadn’t visited the place for quite a long time and had been wanting to pay respect in the famous religious sites there. For the movie, she shot about five scenes in Pagan. One of the memorable events was when her horse carriage collapsed while filming. She observes that she has never had good luck with horse carriages. Once in Chaung Thar, she fell of her horse and had to take a rest for two days. And also in Pagan, something seemed to have scared her horse and it couldn’t make a turn, resulting in the carriage’s collapse. But luckily, nothing serious happened to her. She just got a shock.

After completing the filming of ‘Made In Heart’, she has also turned to shooting commercials. As a commercial actress, what makes the audience appreciate her? She says what catches their eyes seem to be her small impromptu actions. For example, she may, without planning, do a small gesture that would coincidentally prove memorable for the viewing audience. There are also commercials for which she had carefully prepared herself. The one for the jewelry shop “Shwe Nan Daw” took a lot of time and a lot days as well as a lot of effort. It was well appreciated by the audience, which made all her effort worthwhile. However, in Thingyan, she wants to take a rest from work so she has plans to travel on a vacation.

Her concluding thoughts are to stress that she doesn’t love nor hate any particular person. Rather, she has good will for everyone. Valentine day is a day for valuing a person who you really love. In the past, she had never wanted to even talk about valentine. Maybe it was because she had suffered the pain of not getting enough time or attention from someone. But mainly, she stresses that if on Valentine Day, someone she loves does not give her time or attention, she will surely start to hate that person a lot.


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