Wint Yamone Hlaing Will Never Act As Supporting Actress Position

<br />Wint Yamone Hlaing Will Never Act As Supporting Actress Position<br />Hot ModelPretty Model<br />Wint Yamone Hlaing Will Never Act As Supporting Actress Position<br />Myanmar Model

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Wint Yamone Hlaing becomes well-known actress acting in “The Sign Of Love” movie series produced by MRTV-4. She frankly said she will never accept any offers to act as supporting actress position in movie and she will accept only offers to act as leading actress.

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Wint Yamone Hlaing Photo For MODA Magazine, Photo By- MR.HAW

Wint Yamone Hlaing always interrogate carefully the plot of offered movies. She used to act her best in every offered movies from the production trusted her and the works for audiences. She made her mind not acting as supporting actress in any condition. She does not have any other concerns. “Good Luck” video movie is first one for her and she also acted with Sai Sai Kham Leng in “Angel of Edam” film movie. As a new actress she has worries whenever she is doing the acting jobs. During she is acting with Sai Sai Kham Leng, she was worried that she will not able to follow the acting of Sai Sai Kham Leng so that she did engrossed acting in only “Angel Of Edam” film movie. Currently she is acting as leading actress with Min Maw Khun, Yarzar Naywin, Tar Nyi together in “Spelled City” movie directed by Nyo Min Lwin. She got the attention from the audiences with “Mayar Cho” character in “The Sign Of Love” movie series.

Wint Yamone Hlaing participated as a wife of King of Hell in 15th Anniversary with Charity Show organized by Zarganar. Her acting in movies is sparse because there is no proposes for acting in movies and just acting in MTVs. When she accepted the offers to act in movie before but she had to refuse them because there was conflict with movie series shooting. Some external production companies thinks that she does not accept the offers from them. Actually she does accept the offers from external production companies. She is allowed to have movie shooting with external production companies and mostly she had to refuse many offers because she usually have to go on tour for movie shooting. She grudges those refused offers and feels sorry about that. Sometimes she even teared when she has to refuse many offers.

Wint Yamone Hlaing is existed because of supporting from fans of “The Sign Of Love” movie series. She also wants to present her acting skills with acting in other video movies. She is still getting lucks to act in many MTVs.

Wint Yamone Hlaing said that she has plans to act in second movie series. She is satisfied with the supporting of her fans and she stepped into acting in film movies from acting in movie series. She just finish two movie shooting with Director Nyo Min Lwin and she also got the chance to act in “Film Movie Directors” film movie. She gained many remembrances during acting that film movie and she does not know how to mention them. She requests to give comment when the film movie is launched. Acting in movie series was her fist step into the movie and entertainment industry.

Wint Yamone Hlaing is also acting in “Happy Beach” movie series directed by Maung Ti and audiences noticed more on her acting style in that movie series. She always tries not to repeat the acting style. She believes that she is able to act in video movies using the experiences from acting in movie series.

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