Thet Thakhin Will Follow Wish Of Parents Regarding Marriage

<br />Thet Thakhin Will Follow Wish Of Parents Regarding Marriage<br />Pretty ModelCute Model<br />Thet Thakhin Will Follow Wish Of Parents Regarding Marriage<br />Burmese Model

Thet Thakhin stepped into entertainment industry via participating as Academy Award Holding Assistance. Currently Thet Thakhin is acting as photo model for covers of Journal and Magazine. She is also acting in MTVs and she is acting movie not that much but the movies she acted will be releasing soon.

She is doing charity works more rather than activities in entertainment industry. Whenever she is convenience, she participated in charity works. She is please and happy working charity works and it is a noble work. She will participate in more charity works in the future.

Thet Thakhin has nothing special to say about her love affair and her relationship is peaceful and everything is fine. She will choose the one who really love her, loyalty on her and understand her as her soul mate. He would forget and understand whatever her mistakes the whole life. He also would support everything for her the best. If she will meet such person, she will consider for marriage. When she consider her marriage, she will follow her parent’s wish.

Currently she is acting only in comedy movies and she is willing to act in drama movies. She reached into Model industry since 2010 and audiences noticed her from participating as Academy Award Holding Assistance. She acted in more than twenty video movies as well.

Thet Thakhin could achieve the audience laugh in “Ma Yel Ta Yel” horror movie however when the movie released, her name does not labeled on the cover of movie. It was grievance for an actress who is struggling for success in entertainment industry. The audiences recognized her as an actress from that movie. She acted in scaring scene at ramshackle mezzanine during movie shooting but she could act her best. However the movie was presented to audiences, there is no her name in the movie and she said it should not be like that.

Thet Thakhin loves so much doing catwalk show with Myanmar costume as a Burmese. She is also proud to be a Burmese woman and wearing traditional costume because everybody else are dress short skirt in local. Myanmar costume help to present the body beauty and she has more confident doing catwalk with Myanmar constume.

Currently she will work hard the artist jobs and she still does not consider her marriage. Moreover she is worry the supporting will decline from fans when she will have boyfriend. But she still believes that her fans will accept what she make the choice.


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