Sandi Myint Lwin Does Not Believe In Love At First Sight

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Sandi Myint Lwin credits the later singer Myo Myint Lay for launching her entry into the entertainment industry. Uncle Myo Myint Lay, as she calls him, first brought her in to dance in a play. This marked the beginning of all her artistic ventures. After the starting project, U Myo Myint Lay cast her again in his VCD “Sunglasses”, after making negotiations with other industry insiders like Ma Dar. He paired her up in the video with Min Kit. He also introduced her to everyone that mattered in the industry. She used to see him frequently in the music association conferences. As recently as she could remember, he seemed to be in perfect health. The tragedy of his death is still very hard on her. After all, she regards him as the man who led her by the hand and launched her into the entertainment world.

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Currently, Sandi Myint Lwin has been shooting the VCD for “Shock” with unique presentation techniques. Since “Shock” has already attained success among the audience, she is working hard to make sure this VCD also reaches the waiting hands of the audience as soon as possible. The distinctive feature of “Shock” VCD is the way Sandi Myint Lwin, whose usual genre is rap, channels the style of 1980s rock music. As a rapper, Sandi Myint Lwin believes rock music will be more difficult, compared to rap. In the VCDs of the recent times, it has become a custom to include visual images from abroad. But regarding “Shock” VCD, she says there are no plans to contain such foreign images and that the real important thing is good presentation. Regarding the vocal aspect, she has been receiving training from a teacher. One memorable characteristic about her is her stage fright; from the first time she hit a stage till up to now, her knees would still tremble.

Her big sister (Soe Myat Thuzar) is planning a trip to America on the 1st of August. When asked about what she would like her sister to bring back for her from there, she answered that she had not requested anything. For one thing, knowing that her big sister was very busy made her refrain from asking for anything. They also haven’t seen each other in quite a while because, being currently engaged in the filming process for her video, she hasn’t been able to visit them. But in all previous times when her sister went abroad, she would always buy presents for her. These presents were always accepted with appreciation. There was one time when her sister bought her a genuine Hip Hop record, as well as shooting equipment. But on Sandi Myin Lwin’s part, she has never asked for any presents. Nevertheless, her sister would always bring presents back for her.

It must be rare to find a person who does not know how to love. Some regard possession of the other person as love, while some regard having to broken-heartedly let the other person go as love. Experts on love have defined love with many different meanings. Therefore, it is interesting to investigate how artists really feel about the connection between love and marriage.

For Sandi Myint Lwin, she is not really sure if love at first sight really exists. She is more inclined to believe that affection slowly forms with passing time. At first sight, perhaps it is possible to like the other person in a friendly manner. And then perhaps, affection may follow later in time. She admits when she was a teenager, she didn’t have any real understanding about love. Then, she was content with puppy love. But now, she will ask herself if it is real, passionate love. While she was satisfied in her teenage years with short-term loves, now she has matured to the extent that she will choose only someone who can link hands with her as her partner for the entire life.

In order to build a marriage, she thinks about 80 percent of love is needed. The other 20 percent is life experience. For things to work smoothly, everything should be in place. But she confesses she doesn’t know much about it. She does believe in love. She understands love is mysterious, and that love is good. She doesn’t want to define love as being burning hot or refreshingly cool.

Does the kind of love that she sings in her songs exist in real life? She doesn’t really know. She just sings what songwriters have written for her by adding her emotions into the lyrics. She hasn’t had any life experience similar to the songs that she sings. After all, love exists as different feelings for different people. If two people mutually love each other, there is happiness. For some, loving and giving make them happy. So people find love for all these different reasons. Love is different for everyone. She doesn’t have a grand philosophy on love, and she feels that the loves she has experienced are not ground-breaking; just normal.

This singer/actress is also a feminist as she declares that she doesn’t like gender discrimination against women. She cannot take the idea that a woman should take her place behind a man. When she was young, she experienced segregation during some training classes, where girls had to stay in one place and boys in another. And then there were taunts that boys were far above girls. But she feels that women can work on anything as competently as any man, and that this is how it should have been for a long time already. Abroad, women have been always able to stand in the front of a row.

When she started out in the industry, the gender discrimination was even worse. Especially in the Hip Hop field, there were very few girls. Everywhere one went, one could find plenty of men in this line of music. Band members being male as well, she was the only girl in most situations. It was difficult for her. She worried as a female musician whether her music would be appreciated. The audiences from districts were even worse in accepting a woman for Hip Hop. But at the end of the day, she realized she was hired because the audience wanted her to sing. Therefore, she strived really hard to make her songs known to the audience by trying to open their minds towards Hip Hop songs. And after some time, her efforts paid off and even audiences from remote districts started understanding and accepting Hip Hop after seeing it with a more open mind.

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