Ni Ni Khin Zaw Is Gal Bel Gal Bel

<br />Ni Ni Khin Zaw Is Gal Bel Gal Bel<br />Pretty GirlBurmese Model<br />Ni Ni Khin Zaw Is Gal Bel Gal Bel<br />Burmese Model

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In the music industry, Ni Ni Khin Zaw has achieved huge success and popularity with the Mario series. Now, she announces that she will be releasing an own-tune song, named “Gal Bel Gal Bel”, for her fans on February 16th.

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That song was written for her by songwriter ‘Saline’. The lyrics muse about a boy who happens to be quite feminine. The song sounds quite upbeat and amusing. The music video of this song is directed by Ko Maung Maung Thar Myint. It features model Arkar Hein and the Uranium dance group alongside Ni Ni Khin Zaw.

From February 16th onwards, this song will be available for purchase from online Myanmar Music Store and City Mart shops. Those who are using Telenor mobile service can also acquire it from Telenor’s My Music Page between the dates of February 10th to 14th.

This song is Ni Ni Khin Zaw’s first single. In countries all over the world, it has become popular for musicians to release their singles online. Since using the internet has also become more convenient recently in Myanmar, a lot of Burmese singers have turned to the online world to distribute their singles as well. In a time when pirated of copies of albums are still being sold abundantly in Myanmar, Ni Ni Khin Zaw decided that she doesn’t want whole series of her songs to be sold for just 500. This is the reason why she has turned to the trend of releasing singles online, as she believes her fans could easily purchase songs distributed in this manner as well.

There is also news that Ni Ni Khin Zaw decided to hand over the gold from her medal for Best Pop Song Of The Year 2014 to the lyricist who had composed that song. The song is question is called, “One Expectation”, penned by song writer Saung Oo Hlaing. After this song won her the award for the best Pop song, Ni Ni decided to honor the songwriter with the gold in the medal. She went to Saung Oo Hlaing’s house for this purpose, but upon learning that the lyricist was away on a trip, handed it over to his father instead. She has also written in her fan page about how much gratitude and respect she feels for Saung Oo Hlaing for writing “One Expectation” for her, and how that gratitude led her into honoring him with the pure gold piece from her award medal for “The Best Pop Song Of The Year 2014”. This song, “One Expectation”, has also won Ni Ni Khin Zaw two awards in the Rainy Season Music Awards, not to mention a further two awards in the yearly music awards.


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