Moe Hay Ko Rejected Many Offers For Acting In Film Movies In 2014

<br />Moe Hay Ko Rejected Many Offers For Acting In Film Movies In 2014<br />Hot MyanmarMyanmar Model<br />Moe Hay Ko Rejected Many Offers For Acting In Film Movies In 2014<br />Pretty Model

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With her alluring glances, her enviable body, and her up-to-date dressing fashion, Moe Hay Ko has been able to keep her name and fame on the top of the game. During recent times, Moe Hay Ko no longer accepts every film that wants to hire her, but carefully selects only those which will suit her best. Regarding this, she admits that she has recently become more selective than before in choosing movies for herself. She also sets more guidelines in the choosing process.

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However she believes this is not only her, but that also every other artist does this. The only thing may be that one person may have different philosophies from the next person. For herself, based on her own philosophies, she tries her best to make a good decision on which role to choose from the list of films that want her to star in. No matter what character she has to play, she chooses movies by putting priorities on what her audience would like. And when she gets a role, instead of caring or feeling excited about whether it’s a big cinematic film or not, her first thought is how to portray the character to the best of her ability.

Having the tendency to concentrate on and pay full attention to only the task at hand, she has had to refuse a lot of big movie and music offers. In 2014, there were movies she rejected because she didn’t like them. She persists that she makes her choices with her audience in mind. In 2014, she declined all movie offers. Also the music industry offered her concert deals now and then, as well as foreign entertainment shows. But because she didn’t have the time to pay full attention to all, she ended up refusing them altogether.
Currently, she is filming a movie called “I am Afraid of Having to Leave You”, being directed by Nay Thu Rein and co-starring Nay Min. In this film, she plays the role of a cancer patient. This is just an example of how she has been playing only the roles she wants to play in the recent times.

As she put in, if she feels she wants to play a certain role or do a certain movie, then she takes it just like that. Instead of estimating which characters would fit her best, she places priority on which roles she wants to try acting out. She also has some characters in mind that she is very keen on portraying. In fact, she has a lot of ideas on various roles she wants to try out, but she doesn’t have the time to dedicate to herself yet. She dreams of making her own movies, the kinds she is really interested in. But being busy with other works in her life, she doesn’t have time to follow her own passions yet.

One of her movies that came out recently, named “Deeply Wrong”, was very well-received by the audience. It was directed by Win Tun Tun and co-starred Pyay Ti Oo. It also made her feel that recently her work as an artist had become very meaningful as well. She has been getting more opportunities to make her own choices. As time goes by, the opportunities have also increased. But she doesn’t take every opportunity that comes her way, meaning to say, she only takes on something if she really wants to do it. On the other hand, if she doesn’t feel like doing it, she simply would not. The most important thing is, whether it be this work or any other kind of work, she does it from the heart. For the place she has already achieved so far in her work, her satisfaction is not yet 100 percent, but just fair.

In the movie “Clearing Faith”, she co-stars with Khant Si Thu and Khin Thazin. She will be seen playing a double role. She plays a character that looks like herself, and another one that has changed her appearance through plastic surgery. She stresses that even though she is playing two characters, one character is just like her own normal style. And the differences between the two characters that she plays are not extreme. Indeed, the main important differences between the two roles are just body language and clothing style. Sometimes as she is playing two characters simultaneously in the same scene, she needs two sets of clothes for a single scene. More acting is required than usual, so it is also a little tiring. But she tires her best for her audience.

From the moment she got the script for this movie, she discussed with her designer on what kinds of Burmese costumes would be well-suited for the movie and had them tailored them accordingly. Her considerations included whether she had already worn a certain style before and what styles would look suitable now. Only after carefully explaining about her visions of the costumes did she finally entrust the work to the designer. For the fancy non-traditional costumes, she chose both what was newly popular and what looked good on her. But thinking up Burmese costumes was more imaginative. She also prefers wearing traditional costumes. She needed to also decide upon how many pairs of clothes were needed based on the plot. The main process was thinking carefully what she wanted, and getting the designer to tailor the clothes her way.

In the movie, “The Main Thing is the Main Thing”, about a rich pair of siblings, she acted as a sister whose brother had gone abroad for a while and left behind a bodyguard to protect his sister. In real life, does she need a bodyguard? Moe Hay Ko feels that everything has its own place. In a time and place that she might require the services of a bodyguard, she would probably hire one. But at this present time, she doesn’t need one yet, according to herself. Maybe later, based on situation, time, and matter, she will consider about the necessity to hire a bodyguard. But due to the lack of need at this point, this is not something currently on her mind.

Due to continuously filming drama movies back to back, she is somewhat feeling the strain both physically and mentally, although this doesn’t make her any less hard-working or place any less value on her work. She confesses that having to cry day and night for every day in those dramas is very tiring. In the beginning, she shed her own real tears for the crying scenes. But after countless times of having to cry on cue, her eyes have started to get confused and refused to bring out tears. During those times, fake tears are sometimes used. No matter, for the audiences who eagerly await her films and place a lot of value on her, she tries her best. With the support from the loving fans, her exhaustion seems worth it. From the beginning when she got started, she insists she has never taken her work lightly or for granted. She has always had a huge sense of responsibility. While she is working, she wants that time to be used valuably and worthily. And she swears never to cease trying in her work.

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