Model Girl With Long Hair Poe Ei Phyu Zin

<br />Model Girl With Long Hair Poe Ei Phyu Zin<br />Amazing GirlPretty Model<br />Model Girl With Long Hair Poe Ei Phyu Zin<br />Amazing Girl

To be a popular model in entertainment industry is so hard. People pronounce the catwalk shows as The World Of Beauty and Poe Ei Phyu Zin participated in many catwalk shows. Now she is planning to change her career from model to actress. Poe Ei Phyu Zin stepped into model industry since end of 2011 and participated in model competitions. She was awarded First Runner Up in Miss People competition and Miss Ngwe Saung award in Miss International competition. She faced difficulties at the beginning of her career life.

Most of the Model Girls are seldom to keep long hair although she maintains her long hair since she was young. She was even awarded for her hair in “USHIDO” competition. The audiences noticed her also because of her hair. Her hair makes her different from other models. Most of the Facebook comments say that she is more suited with long hair. Poe Ei Phyu Zin wants to go to foreign countries and participate in competitions likewise other models. However contestants require language skill. She still needs to improve and prepare her skills in order to participate in international competitions. Most of the contestants in international competitions are multi skilled. She is planning to ready and once she thinks she is perfect to participate, she will.

Poe Ei Phyu Zin will concentrate not only on Modeling also on acting. In fact, she wanted to be an actress and she selected to be a model because she thought it is easy way to be an actress through Model Industry. When she is getting popular in Model Industry, she will change her career life to actress. Currently she is acting as photo model in Magazine and Journal cover. When she stepped into model industry, her parents did not protest because her parents also are interested in artist job. Her first mentor was Teacher Moe. She has artist ancestry and model Smile is her cousin sister. She used to busy with her jobs and she did not support her about artist jobs.

Poe Ei Phyu Zin wanted to be an army nurse when she was teenager. She used to participate dancing activities in school. She was interested in artist jobs and she wanted to attend model training when she was grade ninth however her mother did not allow her. But she was allowed after finished her grade tenth and she attended at Talent & Model agency. She had nothing to scarify when she was teenager and she is working as she expected. She always gives priority the most important things in her life.

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