Htet Htet Htun Wants To Be Not Only An Actress Also An Educated Woman

<br />Htet Htet Htun Wants To Be Not Only An Actress Also An Educated Woman<br />Burmese ModelPretty Model<br />Htet Htet Htun Wants To Be Not Only An Actress Also An Educated Woman<br />Myanmar Model

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Htet Htet Htun was awarded 2nd runner up in Miss World Myanmar 2014 and she believes that to become a successful actress require aptitude. She feels so happy for Miss World award and gained many experiences during competition. She is proud of winner Wyne Lay. Only skills are not enough to be awarded also need to be lucky.

 Htet Htet Htun, Waist NO-1 In Miss Myanmar World 2014 

Photo- Aye Zaw Moe

Htet Htet Htun encourages and invites everyone who still has not go to competition yet to participate in competition. The seawater is not running out drinking by one person. Whatever the artist jobs requires aptitude to gain success. However only aptitude could not achieve the success and the person needs to try hard itself. Combining of aptitude and endeavor could bring the success in artist jobs. Although she gained 2nd runner up award, she will continue to work as a Model. She will continue to work with previous company together and she will also negotiate with Forever Entertainment Company to work together.

During her four years long journey in entertainment industry, she acted in many movies and she is planning to act in more movies because of more offers are coming. Htet Htet Htun has five years long contract with ‘Ma Haw Ga Ni’ film and video production company. She is awarded Prince & Princess of ‘Ga Mone Pwint’ in 2010, Miss La Pyay Won in 2011 and Miss Dell award from Best Style and Best Talent event. She acts with Ah Linn Yaung and Thinzar Nwe Win together in ‘First Love’ film movie produced by ‘Ma Haw Ga Ni’.

After she was awarded from competition, she signed the contract with ‘Ma Haw Ga Ni’. She has many movies shooting so that she could not meet with other medias. Now she is able to act as photo model for Journals and Magazines. She gained the experiences that not afraid people from competitions. She more realizes about her weakness in acting by herself. She used to go up to the stage but the feeling is different from competition and acting.

Regarding the fashion, Htet Htet Htun does not change her fashion according the time. She dresses whatever the fashion would match with her. She is used to go to movie shooting alone because she likes to work by herself. Her cousin-sister often gives company and her mother is used to busy with house-works. She does not want to give trouble to her family so that she comes to shooting alone. Since she participated in ‘Ga Mone Pwint’ competition, she went to event and go back home with prizes alone. Her father and sister see only Dell show which is the last one. In fact, the supporting from her parent is 50-50 only. They are neither supporting her nor prohibiting her.

But her parents guide her the way to live and communicate. If she will have to go out of town for movie shooting according contract, her mother gives company to her. In the contract says she cannot marry within five years and it is her mother favorite issue from the contract. She did not face any hardship expect she is going to competition alone. She wants to be a real actress who could really present the skill to audiences. She thinks that she is more mature than before and she is expecting to be more mature person in next three years. Htet Htet Htun wants to be not only an actress also an educated woman.

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