Yair Yint Aung Will Act In Film Movie Produced By Bo Bo Entertainment

<br />Yair Yint Aung Will Act In Film Movie Produced By Bo Bo Entertainment<br />Pretty GirlHot Myanmar<br />Yair Yint Aung Will Act In Film Movie Produced By Bo Bo Entertainment<br />Amazing Girl

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Yair Yint Aung is getting a place in entertainment industry with his song called “Lwan Lonn Lo”. Some rumors say that he is relationship with an actress with four words in name. He keeps his relationship status as secret and he explains that their relationship is still peacefully.

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The status about ‘Nwe’ on Yair Yint Aung’s Facebook mentioned that he likes her song. He wants to select a girl as his soul mate who is loyalty and understanding. He believes that the girl is as long as loyalty, there is no problem in relationship. His previous relationship got used to and peacefully. So that he neither confessed nor declined the rumors about his relationship.

Yair Yint Aung is not only singing but also planning to act in movies. However he will not stand as an actor and he just accepted the offer for acting in film movie from Bo Bo Entertainment. He worked with Ko Bo Sann together since long ago and he will act in movie produced by Ko Bo Sann. He will act as teenager character with his friends Hlwan Paing, Htet Htet, and Nann Myat Phyo Thinn together in that film movie.

The story about the film movie is based on University student life style and other famous actor and actress will act in that movie as well. Although he received offers before that, he declined because he does not have enough skill to act in movies.

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