Yadanar Bo Admits That The World Of Art Is A Lot Deeper And Wider

<br />Yadanar Bo Admits That The World Of Art Is A Lot Deeper And Wider<br />Burmese GirlCute Model<br />Yadanar Bo Admits That The World Of Art Is A Lot Deeper And Wider<br />Pretty Girl

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Back in 2011, it was on the 11th of November that the first season of Artist Garden declared three winners to be unleashed into the industry as actresses; Ei Chaw Po, Yu Thandar Tin, and Shwe Hmone Yati. These three young actresses were then put on a three-year-contract and they successfully made many films. Currently, it can be sufficiently said that all three winners of Artist Garden Season 1 have become bankable actresses, as well as successful artists.

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Now, three years later, the selection ceremony of another three actresses by Artist Garden Season 2 was held on November 11th at Tawin Garden Hotel. Among the three winners of Artist Garden Season 2, Yadanar Bo was included as one of them. For these three also, it was known that there was a similar plan like the season before, to have them sign three-year-contracts and to put them into movies.

After being chosen as a new generation actress of Artist Garden Season 2, how is Yadanar Bo feeling? And how does she plan to move forward on this artistic journey? Well, she has been reportedly feeling very happy beyond words, and that she has a huge responsibility to try her best in work after having been lucky enough to be chosen as a winner in Artist Garden 2. As a new actress placed in the spotlight by Artist Garden, she promises she would listen to the advice and teachings of seniors in this business like a good student, and work to the best of her ability.

Her first movie was with Lu Min. She played the role of a brisk happy-go-lucky girl. She also had to sing for the role. Being a comedy, it aimed to make the audience laugh throughout the duration of the film. But this being a first ever movie for the actress, there were some difficulties with the filming. For instance, her happy-go-lucky character was not at all who she really is like in real life. Therefore, she had to try hard to portray the character. However, she acknowledges that the helpful suggestions and teachings of directors and artists on set made it easier for her to get through this process.

For the later roles also, she has decided she would still need to rely on the lectures of more experienced artists. On the journey forward, she promises to try her best. She is interested in experimenting with all kinds of roles for now, as she does not yet know what kind of role really suits her. Naturally, as a beginner, she wants to try everything. She feels aware she has been able to reach this place because of Artist Garden. That is why she will be going exactly in the direction that her seniors point out to her. Apart from wanting to be a good protégé of those mentors who teach her, she also swears not to let down audience’s expectations.

She admits that the world of Art is a lot deeper and wider than she has previously thought. For instance, in the art of acting, just a change in the way the eyes look at something could spell a different emotion. While recounting her experiences with filming, she credits her co-workers for trying to educate her on all these things.

Since emerging as one of the winners of Artist Garden, she has made two movies up to now. However, she is still far from being satisfied with herself. The first movie was with Lu Min. So was the second one. In the second one, all three winners from Artist Garden (or sisters, as she calls them) acted together. Both movies are comedies.

Seeing that she is a newcomer introduced into the acting world by Artist Garden, her co-workers have been linking hands to teach her tips about the craft, and so filming has been a fun experience for her. For instance, while working together, co-star Lu Min lectured all three of them (winners of Artist Garden 2) on set about acting styles, how to set their faces, how to move their eyes, and even how to control the rise and fall of their speaking tones.

Sometimes she fears that being the only new and inexperienced one in a cast will make other actors and actresses feel annoyed with her. However, her one rock to lean on has been her strong faith in religion. Even before her Artist Garden days, she was a very devout Buddhist. She has been known to recite aloud mantras, prayers, and perform rituals. She seems to strongly believe that all her religious antics have paid off and brought her life-changing success, thereby making her happy beyond belief. Indeed, for anyway who really tries their best, there is a guaranteed place of success. With this belief, if one also brings religion into the mix, there will definitely be a special long-term achievement that goes beyond the wildest dreams, according to her.

Indeed she has dedicated herself to keep moving forward on the path of Art and aim for even higher success. To show her gratitude towards the masters that had led her to the spotlight, she also vowed to be a good student for them. Her interest in acting was what made her apply to be a contestant in Artist Garden. And with only the pure, sheer will to try her best to become an actress, she threw herself into a seemingly bottomless pit. But to her delight, it now seems like she is being rewarded with good luck. She sincerely requests for the audience’s continued love and support, and for their understanding if she has any shortcomings.

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