Thin Thandar Has A Taste For Attractive And Glamorous Fashion

<br />Thin Thandar Has A Taste For Attractive And Glamorous Fashion<br />Cute GirlHot Model<br />Thin Thandar Has A Taste For Attractive And Glamorous Fashion<br />Pretty Model

The year 2011 marked Thin Thandar’s entry into the entertainment industry. At that time, she took a modeling course with Teacher Tin Moe Lwin. After finishing the course, she was booked for the first ever show of Aroma, taking to the catwalk in a wedding dress. Then, she also walked for the display show of Shwe U jewelry line. Walking through various shows, like Valentine Day shows for instance, she signaled her arrival to the world of Art.

Thin Than Dar Photo For Next Magazine, Make Up- Seint Seint

Photo- Pyay Han 

Looking into her experience in the industry since that beginning though, it can be noted that she then only worked in the industry for six months before taking a break for the next two years. Only in the beginning of 2014 did she make her reappearance. Since that comeback, she has been consistently busy with photo shoots, even gracing the covers of HALO Magazine and Next Magazine. Apart from modeling, she even expanded her territory by singing with He Lay on the Summer 3 album of the Water Festival Series. She also appeared in VCDs, and even shot some movie series.

There has been some talk about her going into films. But as of right now, she feels that she is still lacking in self-confidence regarding that area. However, she is much more active in singing. The audience support for the Water Festival Album boosted her stamina and faith in her singing skills. Currently, she is enrolled in a singing course and plans to release a solo album. From the look of it, she is trying her best to break into the multiple fields of the Art Industry.

She has a taste for smart-looking, high-standard fashion. She is also into attractive, glamorous clothes that enable her to see herself as playing a role while wearing them. She has a tendency to change her style of clothing depending on the location she is in, weather, and current fashion.

She has observed that the majority of boys like seductive and cool styles in girls. In her opinion, a sensual pose is a technique that is meant to portray a girl’s beauty vividly. Choosing clothes that showcase the beauty of a girl’s figure can also be considered alluring. However, during her photo shoots, she refuses to pose in an extremely risqué manner. She prefers to go for cool poses that bring her body shape to light, without having to reveal a lot of skin. She believes every girl has her own unique beauty. There are those who are very sensuous. There are those whose seductiveness comes from their eyes, lips, and body shape. A girl may either be attractive by dressing in a revealing style, or in a style that showcases the outlines of her body. Recently in the country, a lot of girls are starting to dress in flirty fashion styles. The philosophy of Thin Thandar is that it is best to combine the unique beauty of a woman with some art form in order to come out with the most glamorous look in photo shoots. She does not desire to achieve popularity through revealing, risqué modeling; which may ruin her natural attraction.

While shopping for fashion, her preferences are places like Queen Collection, Tool Cool, and Tawin Center. If she has to shop overseas, her choice would usually be Singapore. Singapore, according to her, is a wonderful place to buy brand names. Her favorite is Be Be Brand, where she never fails to shop for whenever she visits Singapore. As a learning process, she observes clothing trends from these fashionable shops. She also studies the dressing styles of actresses she likes, as well as how international actresses with body structures similar to her dress themselves.

But most importantly, she has decided to work in the industry because Art is her passion. Unlike many others, she didn’t join the industry just for the only purpose of making a big name. Her aspiration is to become the best she can be, even if she may not be the most talented, and work in the entertainment field for the rest of her life.

For every artistic project she works in, she wants the satisfaction of her audience. When she had first joined the industry, there had been people whose attention she caught. And when she later decided to make a comeback, there was no lack of audience as well. Therefore, she would like to sincerely thank the fans who have been paying attention to her, even thought she is still relatively new. She also asks them to openly criticize any weaknesses she may have.

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