Thandar Bo Refused Pageant Competitions Due To Shy Wearing Swimsuit

<br />Thandar Bo Refused Pageant Competitions Due To Shy Wearing Swimsuit<br />Cute ModelBurmese Girl<br />Thandar Bo Refused Pageant Competitions Due To Shy Wearing Swimsuit<br />Amazing Girl

Currently Thandar Bo is acting in TV commercial programs and VCD MTVs. She agrees that acting in TVCs and movie is totally different. During acting in movie, needs to practice carefully acting and dialogue. She is acting as teenager so that there is slightly different from acting as usual.

Photo By- Aye Zaw Moe

Thandar Bo works carefully for TVCs as well. She used to prepares dress and accessories in advance to match with the products to promote. Acting in TVCs makes more chance to close to audiences than others activities.

Thandar Bo is acting in more movies than before and she is having more self-confident. She faced many hardships during acting in first movie because she was not familiar with camera and not skilled in acting. Whenever she acted with experienced senior, she learnt the way they act. She used to wear slipper instead of high heels during acting in movie because she owns international height.

The singer of “Please Understand Me”, Thandar Bo said her relationship is peacefully. She has many lovely memories about 528 Love and her 1500 Love is also peacefully. Currently her relationship is with a lot of fulfillments and just a little of painful. She agrees that love has same ratio of Happiness and Unhappiness. She said that True Love is able achieve to mediate between couples. She has received a ring from her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day and it is unforgettable moment for her. She thanks to her fans who worried about her relationship.

Recent her art activity is singing and she received a few number of offers to act as photo model on Calendar cover. She is working on MTVs of her solo music album “Please Understand Me”. She is thinking to act in those MTVs with her boyfriend together.

Zin Aung from MRTV-4 suggested her to compete in Miss World competition. She is thinking about it however it is not sure yet. Her fans from Facebook also asked and wanted her to compete in Miss World because they demand the representative of national is with good height. Although she is interested to be a Miss Beauty, she still needs to prepare a lot on her side. She just concerned only one issue that she is shy wearing two-piece bikini. The purpose of wearing two-piece bikini in International competition is to check quality of skin.

Thandar Bo is 21 years old and studying in final year of History Major. Currently she is working as photo model in Magazine and Journal covers.

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