Nine Nine Could Maintain His Body Shape Until Fifteen Years Long

<br />Nine Nine Could Maintain His Body Shape Until Fifteen Years Long<br />Hot MyanmarHot Model<br />Nine Nine Could Maintain His Body Shape Until Fifteen Years Long<br />

Nine Nine Photo For Myin Kwin Magazine

Nine Nine could maintain his shape of body until fifteen years long by working out gym. He regularly worked out gym at every evening since he was fifteen years old. He is interested in body beauty and playing gym. He is trying to have no extra fats on his body. The audiences noticed that he could maintain his shape of body long time even he is a father of four children.

Nine Nine Commercial Photo For Fitness Center 

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Nine Nine At Maldives For MTV Shooting

Erstwhile nobody play gym and most of the people think that the photo shooting of body beauty is rude. Later most of the people accept the body beauty is a fashion and icon of healthiness. Nine Nine was brand ambassador of Fitness Xpress fitness center one year long and he participated the activities of that fitness center. He will direct as director and act as actor in Fitness Xpress advertisement. Currently he halted some movie shooting and just concentrate shooting TVC programs. He is selecting story of movie carefully because he does not want to act in duplicated story.

Nine Nine said he will send his children to United States for school. Although he want them to study at foreign, he does not want them adopt the western culture. He wants them to understand own culture, language and religion. His wife also studied at foreign however she did not adopt their culture. It is also depend on parent and environment. His children will be under guardianship and control of his wife Sandi. He also want his children are able to speak Burmese Language fluently and to be a Buddhism as he is.

Nine Nine started his career life as model with name ‘Zaw Latt’ around 1997-98. He changed his name to Nine Nine and stepped into movie industry and he acted in many movies as leading actor. He works with Snow White video production company together ten years long. It is really hard to work with only one video production company ten years long. He had not only working relationship but also family relationship. He acted in many video movies of Snow White video productions and nine film movies.

Nine Nine had contract for 10 video movies only with Snow White video production company at the beginning however after expiring the contract, they continue movie shooting with understanding. He acted as leading actor in fifteen movies with famous actor Kyaw Hein together and he becomes a showcased actor. Nine Nine and Production Company continued working with a lot of understandings and support each other. Fortunately he becomes an actor because of his past aptitude as well.

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