Lei Yamin Becomes Popular Model Girl Via Facebook

Photo By- Ye Hein

Lei Yamin standed as photo model before and she is offered for acting in movie. This is first time for her and she acted her best in the movie without hardship.

Photo- Jason Slip ( J&S )

Photo- Myo Kyaw Zan

Photo- Aung Thura Tun

Lei Yamin was worried when she was offered for acting in movie. It was first movie for her and the director from that movie also convinces her that the character from the movie is match with her. The movie is about fancy love story and she believes the story will be imprinted in audiences’ mind. The name of movie is ‘Candy Crash’ and actor Min Thway, actor Thar Nyi and four actresses including her will act in that movie. All the senior actors and actresses supported and helped her. Director also taught and pointed her requirements so that she could act in that movie without hardship. She, herself also tried her best and she will continue trying her best in the future.

After Lei Yamin tried her best in the first movie, she is expecting more offers for acting. Currently she accepted for acting in TV commercial programs.

Lei Yamin is a popular model girl among the other model girls from Facebook and most of local teenager Facebook users are familiar with her. Her style of hair and her attractive eye make the audiences gazed. She used to wear body fit fashion with long sleeve and short pants during summer. She likes model green and dark pink colors. She prefers to do online shopping rather than shopping at the malls. Sun Cover and Sun Block are important stuff for her in order to control oily skin due to heat during summer. She uses various brands of cosmetics and she mostly uses the make-up.

Lei Yamin used to apply lotion before going to bed at night. She seldom go to beauty spa and she usually takes care her skin at home everyday. She ate the meats before but she eats vegetables more than meats now in order to control her weight.

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