Khin Wai Phyo Han Will Study Medical Major Eight Years Long In Foreign

<br />Khin Wai Phyo Han Will Study Medical Major Eight Years Long In Foreign<br />Burmese ModelCute Model<br />Khin Wai Phyo Han Will Study Medical Major Eight Years Long In Foreign<br />Burmese Model

Photo- Ko Aung Flash Memo

The winner of Miss Myanmar International award Khin Wai Phyo Han said about her future plans, ambitions and gained experiences from competition that the first emotion for Miss Myanmar International is feels very happy and please. That competition is her first experience and she never been participated in such competition before.

Khin Wai Phyo Han @ Mary Han On The Miss Myanmar International 2014 Stage 

Designer - Sann Bawk Rar | SHAYI Fashion

Photographer - San Pyie Tun | San Pyie Photography

Make Up Artist - San De | Ivory Make Up Arts

Organized by San De

Khin Wai Phyo Han @ Mary Han With Crown

Khin Wai Phyo Han is just eighteen years old. Her friends, her younger sister and her parents encouraged and suggested her to participate in that competition because they think that she has good height, skin and body shape. She can speak English language as well. According their encouragement, she submitted her application to competition on the last day of application submission. She was trained in camp two weeks after submitting her application. She wants to thanks to Ms.Tin Moe Lwin who trained in camp. She attributes that she was awarded also because of Ms.Tin Moe Lwin.

Moreover Khin Wai Phyo Han had confident to get first prize since before going to competition. She used to participate in school sport activities with full sport spirit so that she always expects first prize. She always has confident herself as well. She prepared her best to go to competition in Japan. She prepared about dancing and general knowledge related to Myanmar culture and history. In the future, she wants to give priority on her education. She is still studying at Yangon International School. However if she will be offered for acting in photo shoot for Journal, Magazine and Billboard, she would accept but not more than that.

Khin Wai Phyo Han is also planning to study about Medical major in foreign country on 2015 and she will work artist jobs only on 2014. She wants to be a medical doctor so that she decided to continue her study in medical major. She is considering to select the country for studying. Currently she is studying Grade-12 and she will study in medical major eight years long in foreign country.

Khin Wai Phyo Han prepared Shan Dance for competition in Japan and she chose Shan Dance because she is Shan-Chinese-Burmese hybrid. She trained for proper body fitness mainly. She gained Miss Myanmar International 2014 award by supporting her family and friends. Myanmar Tour & Travel Association taught her about local and international news and knowledge to participate in international competitions. She learnt about body fitness, skin care, applying make-up, dancing and consulted with designers for national costume. She will go to competition as a representative of nation so that she will try her best in order to bring back the best prize for nation.

Burmese Model

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