Emerald Nyein Sued A Media Regarding Her Photos With Michael Learns

<br />Emerald Nyein Sued A Media Regarding Her Photos With Michael Learns<br />Cute ModelPretty Girl<br />Emerald Nyein Sued A Media Regarding Her Photos With Michael Learns<br />Burmese Model

Photo By- Min Yan Naing

Emerald Nyein participated in Miss Golden Land Myanmar and Miss Universe Myanmar 2014 competitions. She halted her artist works for a while in order to train and prepare for those competitions.

Photo- Win Zaw

Emerald Nyein prepared especially her body beauty and she satisfied with her preparation. She played gym regularly to gain better body shape. But she did not satisfy with her body part during her previous competitions. She participated Miss Golden Myanmar 2014 competition on last June and Miss Universe Myanmar 2014 on last July. She learnt about general knowledge related to Myanmar and English language skills for Miss Universe Myanmar 2014 competition.

Emerald Nyein applied for Academy Award Holding Assistance role because she worked as Model before and now she is planning to work as Actress. She thinks that role will support much her to be noticed by audiences. If she will have chances, she wants to try in acting. She will attach with Linn Myat for that role. She did not expect to be selected from among four hundred contestants. She was so happy after she was selected as Academy Award Holding Assistance unexpectedly.

Emerald Nyein stepped into entertainment industry since 2012 and she also did participated in Miss People 2012 and Miss Universe Myanmar 2013. She acted in ten television commercial programs and also acted with famous band group Michael Learns together in Amazing Napali Resort advertisement. She also sued the Myanmar News Week journal because of their accusation about her and a singer from Michael Learns. She acted as photo model with Michael Learns and photo shot by photographer Moe Min at Amazing Hotel. She uploaded the photos from photo shooting on the Facebook and she described as the photos from photo shooting on her status.

Emerald Nyein said that Myanmar News Week journal has responsibility about describing the wrong news without interrogating. She contacted to the office of journal three times however the operator replied that Chief Editor was not in office. They did not solve that issue on time. She also said that a legal media should not write the rumors from social networks as news without confirmation. That journal also did not request the permission from her to use her photos from Facebook.

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