Aye Myat Thu Agrees Local Actors And Actresses Are Not Poor In Acting Skill

<br />Aye Myat Thu Agrees Local Actors And Actresses Are Not Poor In Acting Skill<br />Burmese GirlCute Model<br />Aye Myat Thu Agrees Local Actors And Actresses Are Not Poor In Acting Skill<br />Burmese Model

Photo- Thein Zaw Win

Aye Myat Thu used to study about accessories for movie shoot settings whenever she is traveling to foreign countries. During she is on Thailand trip, she got a chance to study movie shooting very closely. Although their dancing techniques and accessories are better, acting skill is just as good as local. Local artists are able to perform like them and their acting skill is not poor. However acting style might be different according region, race and behaviors.

Aye Myat Thu Photo For People Magazine, Photo- Wunna Kwar Nee

Make Up- Nyi Nyi Maung

Aye Myat Thu Academy Fashion 2014

Aye Myat Thu Photo Shooting For Sport Magazine

Aye Myat Thu is working hard with the strength from her hardcore fans. The hardship of her fans also affected on her directly. If only her fans are happy, she will enjoy her artist works as well. Whenever her fans feel distress, so she does. She always wants her fans to be happy. She disappeared from the sight of audiences for a while because she is going on trips. Although her movie shooting are getting lack, her fans satisfied with her acting in movie series called “Anytime Everywhere”.

The fashion of Aye Myat Thu is active, modern and match with her acting style. So that she could gain more favours from her audiences. She acted with actor Ye Yint and actress May Myint Mo together in “Anytime Everywhere” movie directed by U Aung Ba. The audiences accepted and liked her acting style even her character was violent. She gained the favours from her fans unexpectedly because her fans watched her movie based on adoring mind. She was convenience selecting dresses and hairstyle during acting in that movie. She could act as villain comfortably. That movie series is second one for her. Her first movie series was “Yellow, Green, Red, Conquer The World”.

Aye Myat Thu did not want to give any comment about Academy Awarding Ceremony because she is still a junior actress. If the awarding ceremony will be considering the public desire, there will be great. She expected the ceremony will hold unitedly and be a happy one because the ceremony is national level. She attributes that Academy Award is a milestone rather than a goal. It is not able to guess the Academy Award Winner until the name is announced. She is not expecting award but she does furtively.

Aye Myat Thu admits that she did not know well to do charity works when she was teenager. However current teenager are working on charity works actively and she does admire them. She was seldom to do charity works before but she started donations since her 29th birthday. She was greedy at that time. She has never been done the donation by letting know the media before. She selected to donate at nursing house. She confessed honestly that she just had funs and she did not do any charity works until she is 22nd years old.

Aye Myat Thu donated the dolls to Ka Chin War Refugees children and it was her unforgettable charity activity. A group of artists donated the dolls together and medias also described their donation. So that people noticed their donation and they participated in donation. She did not have any idea to do charity works when she was 18th years old but she is proud of current teenagers who are doing charity works actively.

Burmese Model

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