Warso Moe Oo Never Upset Regarding Facebook Comments

Many audiences are criticizing regarding the photos of Warso Moe Oo from Facebook. Warso Moe Oo said she does not want her fans hate her and every international role artists are dressing with their own creative idea.

Warso Moe Oo is a fashion crazier. She requests her fans not to evaluate moral behavior of people with its costume. A girl may wear fashionable costume but she may be a good follower in moral codes. She said there are many such girls in the world. Those criticisms are happening because of one of her photos with black outfit for her birthday party. Although some of her fans are amused but some disagreed about that photo, she thanks to all. Her purpose of shooting the photo with that outfit was to present the fashion and new style to her fans. She did not intended to be popular because of that.

Warso Moe Oo does not like cute style and she thinks cute style does not match her. However she does not wear very hot and modern fashion outfits. She often read the comments from Facebook on her photo nevertheless she never upset about those comments. She always listens the idea of her fans about her fashion and style. Warso Moe Oo always chooses the suitable characters of offered movies and she does not accept every offers. She used to read the story script of movie before she accepts the offers. The character from whatever the type of the offered movie will match her, she never discriminates and always accept the offers.

Warso Moe Oo is also an Ambassador of Charity Works of Yoma-Yangon Marathon and chosen by Yoma-Yangon Marathon competition celebrates annually. She attended and opened the Yoma-Yangon Marathon Competition last year and she was offered to be an Ambassador. This is first time to be an Ambassador for her during her five years artist career life and she is very please with it. Warso Moe Oo said she will participate every actions of that Marathon group.
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