Thinzar Nwe Win Changes From Model To Actress

Photo- Thein Zaw Win

Thinzar Nwe Win is also known as J Donuts actress and she stepped to be an actress with “Green Love” video. She is also acting in various types of videos such as Fancy, Drama and Comedy.

Thinzar Nwe Win admits she has no experience at all in acting when she is acting in “Green Love” video with actor Ye Tike, produced by SATORI video production company. She wanted to be an actress and she had been asked whether she is able to act in that video or not. She also learnt from English movies and she guaranteed that she could do it. Movie director and actors taught her how to act during she is acting in that video and she was comfortable. Audiences also supported her after releasing that video. She is not sure about what is her best acting skill and she thinks acting in crying could be.

Thinzar Nwe Win has five sibling sisters and they shot the videos each other with their own video camera since childhood. She is already familiar with video camera because she also has experience in TVC programs. She acted with experienced senior actor Kyaw Ye Aung in second video and she was afraid of influence of his during shooting. However Kyaw Ye Aung and Director taught her patiently.

Thinzar Nwe Win kept in mind during her first video that if her first video achieve successfully, she will able to continue to act in other movies. She acted in crying in most of the scenes from “Green Love” video. After that video, she got insight that which skills are she needs to improve. Thinzar Nwe Win is her real name and she think that name is match to her.

Thinzar Nwe Win recorded one song but still have not released to public yet so that she does not sure how will audiences response on that song. She is always happy and pleased in acting. She mainly wants to act in TVC programs and she admires Htet Htet Moe Oo regarding TVC programs. Thinzar Nwe Win said Htet Htet Moe Oo is an outstanding TVC actress and whatever the products Htet Htet Moe Oo promoted becomes best seller.

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