Shwe Hmone Yati Was Excited About Her First Film Movie

Shwe Hmone Yati with Christmas Fashion.

Teenager Actress Shwe Hmone Yati is getting more popular and recently showed “Success, Famous, Acute, Keen” film movie which she acted is one of the evidences. After she watched that movie she laugh at herself and she did find out that she still has weakness in acting.

“Success, Famous, Acute, Keen” film movie is her first acting in and she was so excited during acting in that film movie. She tried her best even that was her first film movie. Actor Nay Toe and seniors from Artist Garden taught her how to act so that she could act her best. Although three of actresses from Artist Garden acted in that film movie together, there were no competes each other.

Shwe Hmone Yati said every actors and actresses are experienced senior except her. All of them taught her as a new actress how to act and she gained a lot of acting skills from them. Shwe Hmone Yati confesses that she is not skilled actress and she still needs to learn much. Whenever she acts in movie, all the senior actors, actress and director taught her acting skills. Her acting career life is three years long already and she still haven’t act as many characters yet. She is also acting in other movies continuously however she does not think she is a successful actress.
Shwe Hmone Yati faced terrible remarks from audiences because of the video movie “Myat Lone Lay Ka Lae Lae” she acted. Audiences criticize on her acting in especially love scene in that video movie. She said she just did what she had to as an actress and she has no comment for whoever whether support or criticize. She apologizes if that movie gives a bad feeling for audiences.

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