Nang Thiri Mg Is Always Ready To Correct Her Mistakes

Photo- Pyay Han (Color Max)

Nang Thiri Mg becomes famous because of her fashionable dress since water festival 2012 and she is from Lashio from Shan State. Moreover she acted in “About Love of You and Me” music MTV with singer Eain Eain together. Some of the audiences were commented that MTV is including adult scene and some were cheered it was awesome. However she got attention of audiences in the short time and now she is planning to create a solo music album, acting in video and TVCs and as photo model in Journal and Magazine covers.

Make Up- H&M CHUU (Taw Win Thu), Dress- Joker

Nang Thiri Mg said she is planning to change her career from photo modeling to singing. She is hurry up for releasing her first solo music album before end of this year. R&B, Rock, Pop Rock and Rap songs will include in that music album and all those songs were written by Shwe Jor Jor, Arti and Goke Jat. She will sing the Rap songs with Jemmy and Goke Jat together. She understands that actress career life is complicated and she is learning to be an actress seriously. She is acting in short movies instead of acting in video in order to gain experiences in acting.

Nang Thiri Mg is planning to study in acting and singing although she was graduated in modeling from John Lwin Model Training Academy. She said she wants to learn more about artist since she loves artist job. Her parents are supporting her to do artist works and she is originally from Shan State.

Nang Thiri Mg explains about the MTV with singer Eain Eain that the style of MTV is used to create and present in international. It was just an artwork and there was nothing about egregious scene in that MTV. She requests the audiences to understand from international perceptive. She also understands why the audiences responded because the people of Myanmar is still keeping precedent and seeing in traditional way. Whatsoever she is always ready to correct her mistakes since she started her artist career.

Nang Thiri Mg thanks to everyone who loves or hates her and wishes the best for everyone.

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