Nan Su Oo Declines To Clear Rumor About Actor Aung Ye Linn

Nan Su Oo said that she does not want to clear the rumor about she is in relationship with actor Aung Ye Linn.

Nan Su Oo with Fashionable Style. Photo- Aye Zaw Moe

Nan Su Oo is recently acting in movie named “String of Cloud” with actor Aung Ye Linn, actress Soe Myat Thu Zar, directed by Hein Soe. In that movie, she is acting as an active poor girl with financial problem but her parents are educated. She used to act as perversely girl character before. She explains about the story that Aung Ye Linn and Soe Myat Thuzar are married couple but she does not know about it. Aung Ye Linn met with her and fall in love each other in movie. Her mother and sister used to choose the story for her to act. After that movie, she has to act in another movie with actor Myint Myat.

Nan Su Oo is still planning to study at foreign country and it will take about four years to prepare. Before she is going to continue her study at foreign country, she will continue working artist jobs. She said she is acting in movie not only with Aung Ye Linn but also actor Myint Myat. The movies with Aung Ye Linn are released quickly but others are delayed. Some of the movies with Myint Myat are still not released yet.

Nan Su Oo believes that love does not need to be looking for and if even doing it, maybe not able to find out. She is expecting to settle down with the one who she really loves. She also said there is meaningless if with the one who she does not really love.

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