Multi Skilled Actress Singer Nann Myat Phyo Thinn

Nann Myat Phyo Thinn said she will continue try to be best on not only her singing skill but also her acting skill.

Snap Shot Photo Of Nann Myat Phyo Thinn During At Ngapali Beach Trip.

Photo- Kix Xin

Photo- Fred Photographer

Nann Myat Phyo Thinn is graduated from University of Medicine however she is not licensed physician yet. She just concentrated her studying and forgot about artist jobs since before her graduation. She also wasted a lot of opportunities regarding artist.

Nann Myat Phyo Thinn recorded a music album named “Friend” with Nan Thuzar and it stands in top ten best seller of City FM list. She did promotion her music album at local shopping malls. She is very pleased that her music album is listed in top ten. Especially audiences like the music named “One Day” sang with Hlwan Paing.

However Nann Myat Phyo Thinn still not attributes that she is successful and she wants to create milestones as multi-skilled artists and take over people’s heart. She admits she still needs to improve her skills to continue her artist career life. Nann Myat Phyo Thinn said she does not fear to let her fans know her soul mate in time. She thinks letting fans know about her fiancĂ© is worthwhile matter and she requests her fans not to be misunderstanding. She want to choose her fiancĂ© who is not too much different life style because there will be tired and hard to negotiate to be together.

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