Miss Tourism Myanmar Jue San Tar Lost Her Luggage During Flight Transit

National Costume of Jue San Tar  is Bagan Era Tradition Dress, Designer- Ma Pont (My Favourite)

Jue San Thar is recently participating in Miss Tourism 2014 event at Venezuela however she lost her two luggage with belonging because of the mistake of the airline she flew.

Designer- Shi Lar

Photo- Love Space (Aung Zaw)

Her organization said her daily clothes, accessories, high heels and the display pot for Bagan era traditional dress for national costume are in those luggage.

Her flight was transit from Thailand, from Thailand to France, then from France to Venezuela. Her Organization received appeal letter from Air France said that they admitted they transferred her baggages mistakenly and they will recover those luggage at their best. Organization gave the address of the hotel where Jue San Tar is staying to Air France in order to able to deliver those luggage but Jue San Tar still have not received them yet. However, Organization requested tourism organization of Venezuela to support necessary clothes and accessories to Jue San Tar. Although tourism organization of Venezuela agreed to support, Jue San Tar still has to face some difficulties

Fortunately Jue San Tar did not lost the Evening Gown, Swim Suit and other clothes for final stage of competition. The pot that she lost is ornament for National Costume and she also lost six sets of high heels. She has to buy every require stuff at there but she does not need to worry for final stage of competition.

Jue San Tar is a contestant in Miss Tourism 2014 competition which will celebrate from 30th November to 10th December at Venezuela. The aim of that competition is to promote tourism industry and culture of individual nation and share the knowledge. Contestants from eighty different nation are participating in that competition and final stage will be celebrate on 10th December.

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