Jenny Still Does Not Consider Her Marriage

Jenny, her real name is Han Nwai Nyein, she is a well-known artist since her childhood. Now she is a famous singer and actress in Ah Nyeint. She has gained more than ten years experience as an artist.
Recently she is planning to release her solo music album and just singing in dinner parties. She also sang as featuring in Hip-Hop songs with rappers together and whenever she will be requested for singing as featuring, she will not refuse because her singer life begins from there.

All the songs from her forthcoming solo music album are own tune songs and not copied from others. All those songs are kept her singing style and new style also will be included. She is traveling so that releasing music album will be delay. Currently Jenny is away from her fans because she has to sing in stage shows in foreign countries and other states in country. She said she tries her best in her new music album for her fans.

Jenny said her marital status is still single and she is concentrating for releasing her music album rather than marriage. She is expecting her soul mate will have understanding, match attitude and consultation each other. She found out love after she turned 18 years old and she is blessing for all the couples. She wants to try for her fan next 2 or 3 years more. She does realize that she is already adult and she believes god will bless her.

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