2014 Academy Fashion- 2

2013 Best Main Actress Academy Award Winner- Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi

2012 Best Main Actress Academy Award Winner- Phway Phway

2013 Best Child Actress Academy Award Winner- Yoon Yoon

Singer & Actress- Nan Su Yati Soe

MRTV4 Actress- May Myint Moh

Sexy Model & Actress- Warso Moe Oo

Actress- Khin Lay Nwe

Attractive Actress- May Kapyar

Pretty Actress- San Yati Moe Myint

Best Main Actress Academy Award Winner- Soe Myat Thuzar & Singer Sandi Myint Lwin

Photo Credit to: Popular Academy

Pretty Model

2014 Academy Fashion-1

2013 Miss Myanmar Supranational- Khin Wint Wah

Teenage Famous Actress- Shwe Hmone Yati

Actress- Su PAN hTWAR

Teenage Pretty Actress- Yun Waddy Lwin Moe

Model & Actress- Nan Myat Phyo Thin

2013 Miss Myanmar Universe- Moe Set Y

Hot Actress- Aye Myat Thu

Attractive Actress- Thinzar Nwe Win

Model & Actress- Wint Yahmone Hlaing

2012 Miss Myanmar International- Nann KHin Zayar

2013 Best Supporting Actress Academy Award- Khine Thin Kyi

2011 Best Main Actress Academy Award- Soe Pyae Thazin

Photo- Aye Zaw Moe
Photo- Popular Academy

Burmese Model

Aye Myat Thu - The Chic Magazine

 You can see amazing photoshoot in the Chic Magazine in Myanmar. It is so different from other magazines and the way Chic Magazine presents to readers are so unique with fashionable photoshoots. See more photos
Aye Myat Thu is one of the most popular models in Myanmar. She has sweet smile and also has beautiful model body. She is just amazing model.

Cute Model

Thinzar Nwe Win Sport Model

 Thinzar Nwe Win beautiful photos as tennis athlete in new myanmar magazine cover.
Model - Thinzar Nwe Win
Photographer - Thein Zaw Win
Thinzar Nwe Win says her hobby is swimming and also playing tennis. She says playing tennis makes her keep fitness well and she love it because she has to use her speed wisely and also trying not lose focus. She is also happy with this photoshoot because this is her favorite sport and it look natural to seeing herself in photos

Burmese Model

Thet Mon Myint and Myanmar Academy Award 2013

Thet Mon Myint photos from Myanmar Academy Award 2013. She is so sweet and lovely. It's sad for her fans that she did not win award even she did pretty good job and was fans favorite to win the awards as poll results.

Pretty Girl

10 Facts of Academy Awarding Ceremony 2014

The Best Music Conductor Award- Piano Tin Win Hlaing with ‘Kyae Sin Maw Kun’ movie.
The Best Supporting Actress Award- Khine Thinn Kyi with ‘Sone Pyu’ movie.
The Best Supporting Actor Award- Minn Oo with ‘Nin Say Yin’ movie.
The Best Director Award- Wyne with ‘Dancer of Satan’ movie.
The Best Actor Award- Pyay Ti Oo with ‘Nin Say Yin’ movie.
The Best Actress Award- Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi with ‘Nin Say Yin’ movie.
1. The list of winners of Academy Award was released to public before ceremony.
2. Catwalk show with Miss Beauty from Pageant program was included in ceremony.
3. The strange thanks speech of the best music conductor academy winner Piano Tin Win Hlaing.
4. Supporting actor Zaw Zaw Aung reached on the stage and gave a bottle of water to Piano Tin Win Hlaing.
5. Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi received the academy award after coming back hurriedly from using toilet.
6. Program presenter skilled senior actor Yan Aung presented mistakenly many times.
7. Experienced presenter Tin Moe Lwin announced mistakenly that main sponsor of shoes is “Six Elephant” brand instead of “Nine Elephant”.
8. The best actor academy winner Pyay Ti Oo grabbed the microphone and said thanks speech as an appendix at the end of ceremony.
9. The cuss voice of Chair Man of Myanmar Motion Picture Organization Lu Min was appeared in public and he did not noticed the microphone is still broadcasting live.
10. There is no academy award for technician roles in film movie such as the best film photography, the best film voice, the best film editing and the best film movie.

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List of Myanmar Academy Awards : 2013 and Celebrity Pictures

Source: Eleven Media

Source: Kamayut Media

Myanmar Actor Pyay Ti Oo won his 3rd time academy award. Min Oo also won supporting role actor award. Khine Thin Kyi fans will be so happy to see her getting her first Academy. Wut Mhone Shwe Yi won her Academy Award for the first time and she was lost in the hall when announcer announced the winner.
Did you happy with the Academy Awards Ceremony 2013 ? Leave your opinions

Pretty Model

May Myat Noe as Shwe Kyo in Myanmar Academy Award 2013

 Miss Myanmar May Myat Noe share her photos on facebook. She is in burmese traditional dress and she said she is hoping for the best to contribute as shwe kyo ( ေရႊၾကိဳ ) for the first time.How is her fashion ? Check it out
May Myat Noe as Shwe Kyo in Myanmar Academy Award 2013 Photos Collection (1)

Hot Model

Shwe Hmone Yati Was Excited About Her First Film Movie

Shwe Hmone Yati with Christmas Fashion.

Teenager Actress Shwe Hmone Yati is getting more popular and recently showed “Success, Famous, Acute, Keen” film movie which she acted is one of the evidences. After she watched that movie she laugh at herself and she did find out that she still has weakness in acting.

“Success, Famous, Acute, Keen” film movie is her first acting in and she was so excited during acting in that film movie. She tried her best even that was her first film movie. Actor Nay Toe and seniors from Artist Garden taught her how to act so that she could act her best. Although three of actresses from Artist Garden acted in that film movie together, there were no competes each other.

Shwe Hmone Yati said every actors and actresses are experienced senior except her. All of them taught her as a new actress how to act and she gained a lot of acting skills from them. Shwe Hmone Yati confesses that she is not skilled actress and she still needs to learn much. Whenever she acts in movie, all the senior actors, actress and director taught her acting skills. Her acting career life is three years long already and she still haven’t act as many characters yet. She is also acting in other movies continuously however she does not think she is a successful actress.
Shwe Hmone Yati faced terrible remarks from audiences because of the video movie “Myat Lone Lay Ka Lae Lae” she acted. Audiences criticize on her acting in especially love scene in that video movie. She said she just did what she had to as an actress and she has no comment for whoever whether support or criticize. She apologizes if that movie gives a bad feeling for audiences.

Amazing Girl

Satori Production Actress (2) Photo For Women's World Journal cover

Shwe Thamee, Paing Phyo Tu, Yadanar Bo who are under Satori Movie Production for 3
years. They're called Ah Nu Pyin Nyar Pyo Khin (2) Actress.
Ah Nu Pyin Nyar Pyo Khin (1) Actress are Ei Chaw Po, Yu Thandar Tin & Shwe Hmone Yati.
Photo- Aye Zaw Moe

Cute Model

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