Myanmar Famous Singer & Model- Thazin

Thazin is the Myanmar famous singer and actress, especially she's famous for her sexy rumor. She's one of the member with Yadanar and Yee Mon, girl group- NO. Now she got married on the 2012 January 1 and the newly wed couple went for their honeymoon in April. They went to Dubai and had a great time there.

Photo- LMN Photography

Photo for Yati Magazine May Issue.

Thazin是缅甸偶像团体NO 的成员,该组合还包括Yadanar 和Yee Mon 两个成员。2002年正式出道,她还是缅甸著名好身材的女模特和演员。2012年由她和缅甸高官的儿子,流出性录音带,几乎全缅甸的人民都看过。流出性录音带是,也是她要结婚之时,但是她很幸运,她的老公,并没有任何的反应,她也回应无所谓。她在2012年一月结婚,然后去杜拜度蜜月。

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