Famous Myanmar Actress- Ei Chaw Po

Photo- Kyaw Zin ( itza23 photography )
Myanmar Famous Actress- Ei Chaw Po
Date of Birth- January 3
Nationality- Myanmar(Burma)
Weight- 118 Lbs
Height- 5'6"
Body- 34/25/37
Professional- Actress
Studied at- Augustin, National Universtiy of Art And Culture,Yangon University of Culture
Working at- Freelance Photographer, TAP, Design
Awards- B.A.(Cinematography & Drama)Specialist (Acting in National University of Art and Culture), Miss Silk - n - Shine(Healthy hair), Miss Smooth - E(Fair Complexion), Miss TRI(Dress beauty), Miss Sevenday(Body beauty)
缅甸著名女明星Ei Chaw Po 是由缅甸大明星 Luu Min 一手提拔的。她能演好每一个角色,而且演的很自然,生动。在未当明星之前,她还参加过许多的选美大赛,由于她毕业于艺术学校,所以能歌善舞,多才多艺。

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